American Granite Curb Producers Announces the Live Release of a New Website

Concord, NH – The American Granite Curb Producers (AGCP) announces the live release of their new corporate website. The new site was designed to enhance and serve this vital and historic segment of the dimensional stone industry.

Granite curbing is experiencing a surge, partly due to the wave of revival and redevelopment in cities and downtowns. Granite is valued for its historic appearance, extreme durability and lifecycle, and “green” recyclability, since it rarely ends up in landfills. Granite curbing is the material of choice for many projects, extending beyond traditional New England locations into the Southeast and Midwest.

AGCP developed a business website platform that provides accurate and timely information, comparative data, an image gallery, specification guidance and other resources for professionals in the curbing, landscape architecture, engineering and road construction industries, as well as for anyone looking to develop specifications for bids.

The website is designed to optimize awareness about and access to granite curbing information. It also provides a foundation to engage our audiences via Digital Marketing and Social Media campaigns. AGCP’s President Patrick Wilson, Curbing Products Manager at Williams Stone in Massachusetts, says the new website is already generating traffic. “Granite curbing has been considered a premium product, but since it is so attractive and lasts forever, the new website will help municipalities and general contractors understand how affordable granite really is”.

The American Granite Curb Producers (AGCP) is a consortium of the leading U.S. granite curb producers. It was formed in 1990 to provide an educational platform for consumers of our products specifically addressing the performance and life cycle costs of granite curbing, especially versus concrete. The members of the organization pooled their extensive knowledge of granite and curb construction in order to inform specifiers, contractors, municipal project managers and product consumers of the long-term benefits of granite curb, as well as to assist with designing better, more economical curbing products.



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